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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I buy one or two?

All DoorShield products are sold singularly or in pairs and you should feel confident that you can protect both sides of your vehicle

Does it work on Aluminum or fiberglass doors?

YES. Although each DoorShield is manufactured with an internal magnet, the retaining straps are strong enough to hold DoorShield to your aluminum or fiberglass vehicle.

Does it just work on doors?

NO. Use DoorShield to attach to your vehicles’ trunk, hood, fenders or anywhere that your vehicle is susceptible to dings

Is it available in different colors?

YES. DoorShield is available in Black, Fire Engine Red, School Bus Yellow, Midnight Blue, and Arctic White.

Can I leave it on the vehicle when I am driving?

NO. DoorShield was designed as a stationary protection device and driving while a DoorShield is in place is not advisable

How do I care and maintain my DoorShield?

Simply wipe the magnet with a soft cloth before each application to the vehicle. The top surface can be cleaned with an application of any type of vinyl cleaner

Will DoorShield mark my paint?

NO. DoorShield is made of a soft foam material and will not mark your paint. To ensure complete security, simply wipe the magnet with a soft cloth before each application to the vehicle. The top surface can be cleaned with an application of any type of vinyl cleaner

How can I protect all doors?

All DoorShield products are sold in pairs and to protect a four door vehicle, you will need to purchase two pairs of DoorShield products. Or do as I do and park in an “end-spot” with only one side facing other vehicles and obstacles. Then you only need to protect one-side. Besides, the extra walk will also be healthy!

Tim Ashcroft - inventor

Tim loves his car as much as you love yours

school buss yellow


Some customers would not install DoorShield because it takes time.  This is simply not true.

Ashcroft:  “You may have said the same thing when the sunshade was introduced.  ‘It takes too long to put up; it’s awkward and inconvenient.  It’s hard to put away.


Not true.  At the end of the day, it’s simple, easy to use and practical.  The sunshade is like DoorShield.  It is a deterrent; it protects and it beats the alternative, which is, in the case of the sunshade, seeing ugly cracks in your dash, or without DoorShield, annoying and semi-permanent dents and dings in your door. As with  a sunscreen, in 10 seconds, you have additional protection for your vehicle.
With DoorShield, it will take 10-20 seconds to install, or roughly the same amount of time, per door, to give you confidence that your vehicle will survive everyday parking lot hazards such as shopping carts, and careless interaction with other traffic – both vehicular and pedestrian.”DoorShield is sold singularly or in pairs – shield one side or both – the choice is yours! DoorShield is easy to install; it becomes an attractive and stylish restraint to the would-be “ding attacker.”

Porsche Cayman with DoorShield attached

Porsche Cayman with DoorShield attacjed

made of soft vinyl

The soft vinyl protects your door

DoorShield has a soft-touch vinyl that will not chafe or mark one’s vehicle.  DoorShield has been designed with a central air pocket that is capped at both ends, gives enough when hit, but not too much to cause a dent.  DoorShield’s pioneering structure is shock-absorbing and offers dent-dissipation action.

The underside of DoorShield magnetically adheres to one’s vehicle with a thin high-strength plastic-coated magnet.  This magnet fits within a groove inherent in the design of the soft-touch vinyl, thus providing extra security for the magnet.  This fitting avoids any possible chafing or scratching of the vehicle’s paint.

Also suitable for aluminum or fiberglass vehicles. Due to the secure and snug fit afforded by the Velcro straps, DoorShield’s built-in magnet is an ancillary security function of the product, and not necessary to ensure a secure and snug fit to your non-metallic vehicle.

Red Fararrie

Non metal doors -Not a problem

DoorShield stylishly augments your vehicle with a clean aerodynamic look as well as the mechanism for holding the theft-protection elastic straps.

The straps stretch around the doors and easily and firmly Velcro together on the inside of the vehicle in order to prevent the DoorShield device from being stolen.

Inventor Tim Ashcroft says, “People are passionate and proud of their cars.  They lovingly care for their car to prolong the brand new shine and luster of their pride and joy.  Daily wear and tear do eventually take their toll, but nonetheless the dedicated and proud car owner will go to extraordinary lengths to care and protect his or her pride and joy. It’s exciting to own and be proud of your investment and DoorShield can help you maintain this excitement of ownership by protecting your vehicle form dings that not only mar the finish on your car, but mar your excitement in ownership too!

Growing up in England, I was fascinated by engines.  I played with go-karts; fiddled with lawnmower engines and after owning nine Triumphs, I had a really good understanding of how a car may, or may not, run.

I came to America – to the land of opportunity, which everyone believes is California – which is also home of the rust-free, sunshine every day of the week, place to own a ragtop, and I knew this was the place for this car-hungry guy.

DoorShield is the third invention – although the first to be patented – that I have created.  DoorShield came about as a solution to a problem, not to begin a career in the automotive business.

I have learned through the years never to mix my passion with my choice of career.  I’ve tried to make my choice of cars what they were intended to be:  exciting, fun, beautiful, and perhaps an expression of my personality.  Ownership should always be a source of pride, not a chore.

I’m just a guy who came up with an idea that solves a serious, fundamental problem that is unfortunately, an everyday occurrence.  It’s the same problem you will encounter wherever you go.  So, buy my product, protect your investment and enjoy your ride.

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