DoorShield: The Ding Stops Here!


The Ding Stops Here!

empowers you
to stop door dings!
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A central sealed air pocket
designed to allow dent-dissipation
while protecting your door!
in a variety
of colors
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The Ding Stops Here!

A Little Background

DoorShield has several critical engineering elements that separate its design from others.

  • Manufactured with soft-touch vinyl – will not harm your vehicle!
  • Magnetically adheres to your vehicle with safety in mind.
  • Works well with plastics, aluminum & fiberglass
  • Elasticized straps stretch around doors easily & securely with Velcro


Note From The Creator
“I’m just a guy who came up with an idea that solves a serious, fundamental problem that occurs all too frequently.  It’s the same problem you will encounter wherever you go.  So, enjoy my product, protect your investment and celebrate your pride and joy as long as you own it.”

– Tim Ashcroft


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How many times have you parked your car and just wanted to cry because upon returning, you realize that someone has dinged your door?

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