DoorShield: The Ding Stops Here!


The Ding Stops Here!

Product Information

DoorShield is a pioneering product in door ding technology and has received (not applied – actually received) a patent award from the US Patent office with 26 separate Patent protection claims. In addition, this Patent protection has been extended world wide and has received Patent protection from Canada, the European Union and Asia.

The critical design elements of DoorShield protection are:

  • A Central sealed air pocket designed to allow dent-dissipation and protect your door
  • Central unique shock-absorbing core structure reinforced with impact absorbing PVC tubing – (tested to 32lbs per square inch)
  • Manufactured with soft-touch vinyl that is designed to not chafe or mark your vehicle
  • DoorShield magnetically and safely adheres to your vehicle with a thin high-strength plastic-coated magnet.  This magnet fits within a groove inherent in the design of the soft-touch vinyl, thus providing extra security for the magnet.  This fitting avoids any chafing or scratching of the vehicle’s paint.
  • Elasticized straps stretch around the doors easily and securely with Velcro
  • Straps secure DoorShield to Aluminum or Fiberglass doors
  • Straps ensure theft prevention
  • Simple, clean, aerodynamic stylized design

Fiberglass & Aluminum Vehicles

Rest assured for owners of aluminum- or fiberglass-manufactured vehicles, the magnet, which is included with every DoorShield, is not necessary to adhere to your vehicle, since the elastic Velcro straps can more than amply, and snugly, attach DoorShield directly to the door.

Also suitable for aluminum or fiberglass manufactured vehicles. Due to the secure and snug fit of the elastic Velcro straps – DoorShield’s built-in magnet is not necessary to attach DoorShield securely and snugly to your vehicle doors.

The makers of DoorShield want to extend this feeling of excitement of ownership – and help maintain your vehicle’s newness and luster – to avoid those challenges whenever and wherever you park – for as long as you own your vehicle.
Many car owners take great pride in their vehicle. The idea behind DoorShield came from a car buff who was frustrated by the lack of protection and security for his car when parked away from the safety of his garage.


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